School Information

Brookville Public School opened in 1960, which resulted in the closing of School Sections (S.S.) Number 1 to Number 9. Campbellville students from S.S. Number 10 joined the Brookville school a few years later. Many of these one-room schoolhouses are now private residences or are gone completely. S.S. Number 6 now stands at Country Heritage Park and is often open to the public.

Brookville Public School celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2010 and a historic bell from S.S. Number 3 School was mounted on a stone base at the entrance to the school. The bell was donated by George and Doris Robinson in memory of their father, Stan, who was both a Nassagaweya school trustee and the caretaker of Brookville for many years.

The cairn was designed by Laurie Wells and carved by Old World Stone from a 10-tonne boulder donated by Dufferin Aggregates. A time capsule containing items such as coins from 2010, two newsletters from the school and a history book from the Nassagaweya Historical Society was placed in the cairn with a bronze plaque covering it. Future students of Brookville will have the opportunity to open the capsule in 2060.