School Council


All meetings will be held either virtually or a hybrid model for this school year dates and times to follow

School Council at Brookville,

The role of school council is to help strengthen our school community by collaborating with the school administration and teaching staff to enhance learning opportunities and student success. As a council, we make decisions about fundraising goals, we plan and implement events for student and family engagement, and we provide feedback to the administration and staff regarding our experiences within the school community.

Council meetings are open to every parent/guardian of a Brookville student. This year, similar to last year, it is important that we maintain a connected school community. Regardless of your learning location, we are all still Brookville Bengals, and parents/guardians of Brookville students in either stream are welcome to participate in our Council activities. A minimum of 4 meetings will be held throughout the year. The dates and times of these meetings will be determined by the Principal and Council Chair(s) after elections are completed and communicated to families.

Join as a non-voting member, a voting member or an elected executive position.

Voting Member Roles and Responsibilities

Parent Member and Executive Members

  • Attend meetings

  • Share experience and diversity with council and help create a culture of sharing, communicating and dealing with issues and challenges

  • Welcome to participate on any committees established by the School Council

  • Contribute to the discussions of the Council

  • Maintain a school-wide perspective on School Council issues and seek to achieve consensus

  • Solicit views of other parents and members of the community to share with Council.

Terms of Office

Each term of office is for one year commencing after the elections during the first meeting of council of the new school year and ending at the completion of elections during the first meeting of council the following school year. Membership on Council will terminate if any of the following conditions apply:

  • The parent member no longer has a child enrolled at the school

  • A staff member is no longer employed at Brookville Public School

  • The member has missed 3 meetings without properly notifying the chair, with just cause

  • The member submits a letter of resignation

  • The member is in violation of the norms of behaviour

Vacancies that occur during the school year may be filled by appointment or election at the discretion of the Council.

Executive Council Positions, Roles and Responsibilities

Executive Council

Executive Council will consist of the Chair, Vice-chair, Treasurer and Secretary with the purpose of providing leadership and direction to the council. They shall meet in between council meetings for the purpose of setting agendas and reviewing requests for council funds. The Executive Council will also have power to approve the disbursements of funds under $150 for council events.


  • Arrange for meetings

  • Prepare meeting agenda in consultation with the Principal

  • Chair council meetings (or designates a chair)

  • Ensure minutes of Council meetings are recorded and kept (electronically and hard copy) for 4 years and posted to the school website once they have been approved.

  • Report regularly on the status of the Council recommendations

  • Communicate regularly with school Principal, Council members, school community

  • Act as Council spokesperson

  • Facilitate the resolution of conflict


  • Work closely with the Chair

  • Fill in for Chair as necessary

  • Take on tasks assigned by Chair

  • Take minutes in absence of Secretary


  • Prepare accurate minutes in a timely manner and submits to chair for distribution/publication

  • Maintain minute book and constitution and bring both to every meeting.


  • Consult with school secretary to reconcile school funds

  • Maintain a record of "commitments", and accurately reflect a working balance

  • Present financial statement at meetings

For more information, please contact us via e-mail at, through Facebook at or via Twitter @BrSchoolCouncil.

School Council Executive:

Chair-Ashley Jinks

Treasurer- Jennifer Sibbit

Secretary-Angela Reshetnyk


What does our School Council do?

According to provincial regulations, all schools must have an elected School Council which serves for a one year period (October - September). Council is the formal link between the school and the parent/guardian community. Council provides advice, insight and recommendations to the school administration, and raises funds to supplement and support our students' learning resources and environment. Being a member of the School Council is a great opportunity to make a positive contribution to your child's education.