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Brookville Buzz

posted Oct 13, 2017, 10:42 AM by Margaret Napier

Brookville Buzz


Goodbye and Welcome

As many of you know today is Madame Young’s last day.  She is beginning her maternity leave and is expecting at the end of October.   We will miss Madame Young’s passion to engage our intermediate students in the French language.  Best wishes Madame!!


We would like to welcome Mademoiselle Birchall who will support our intermediate French classes until Madame Roundall returns in January.   Mademoiselle Birchall was at Brookville today and the students welcomed her as she visited many of the classrooms that she will be teaching.  Welcome!   


Administrating over the counter medication and prescriptions.

If your child has an Epi-pen or needs any medication administered during the school day, please refer to the attached HDSB Updated Medical Procedure.


PIC Conference this Saturday

Please see the attached PDF regarding the PIC conference that is occurring tomorrow.  If you are able to attend there is daycare available.  


Student Senate:

We would like to congratulate two of our Grade 8 students, Ben H and Jaime B who represent Brookville as Student Senators.  Ben and Jaime meet with representatives from Halton schools to discuss and problem solve student concerns.   Ben and Jaime attended their first meeting in September and they were excited to bring great ideas to ensure all student voices are heard!

Volleyball Update:

Both the girls and boys volleyball teams are up and running.  They are doing a great job building their team and representing our school with spirit and positive energy.  We wish both of the girls and boys team the best of luck at their tournaments this weekend.  


Upcoming Events:

Monday, Oct 16 Pizza Day

Tuesday, Oct 17 Grade 6 class trip


Friday, October 27th is the first Sub day.  Order before October 23rd to ensure your child receives their sub!