Buzz November 16th 2018

Dear Parents and Guardian

We have had another busy week at Brookville! With the snow that we have had this week, students were excited to build, explore and play.   We would like to remind families to label hats, mitts, scarves and jackets just in case they go missing.

  •  World Kindness Day! Tuesday, November 13th, 2018 was World Kindness Day. Brookville is taking Kindness to heart. We are spreading the word.  Our kindness focus will have an amazing impact on each and every one of us both inside and outside of our school.  Call it Brookville’s “ rose-coloured glasses” where our lens will always see the word KIND in all that we do.  Stay tuned for more information!!
  • Take your Child to Work Day:  On Wednesday, November 14th it was take your child to work day.  We had 8 students come to Brookville and learn the ins and outs of working in a school.  The students enjoyed exploring new technology, learning about the operations of a school and working in classrooms.  It was great seeing graduates from Brookville and a few new faces!

  • ME to WE Challenge for November Continues:   Our goal is 1 non-perishable food item each week per student.   Bring in 1 yes only 1 canned food item or dry pasta package in next week.  Let us all do our part and bring in only 1 item.

  •  Progress reports:  Progress reports go home on Monday, November 19th. We are looking forward to having families attend student let conferences with their children over the next few weeks.
  • Scholastic Book Fair will be opening its doors November 19th in the Library Learning Commons. Many classes will have the chance to tour the Book Fair. Students and parents will have opportunities to make purchases throughout the week. Hope to see you there!
  • Inclement Weather  Please find within this link information regarding bus cancelations and inclement weather.

  • School News from the Grade 4’s:  Last Friday the Grade 4 students traveled to the Royal Botanical Gardens Nature Interpretive Centre to learn about Rocks, Minerals and Erosion.  Students had a fun-filled trip that was informative, interesting and had hands-on activities. Students were able to test rocks using a variety of different experiments including colour/ luster, hardness, magnetism, streak test, limestone test, and texture.   Despite the wet weather, students had fun walking through the forest area, learning about erosion and why the hardness of a rock is important. They discovered that granite was harder than marble and discovered a granite rock that was unusual for this area. Students enjoyed the turtles that were in the building as they enjoyed their lunches.  What a great trip we had!

  • Our second week of "Ketchup and get ahead" has been a success with many students from a variety of grades joining us in the library at the 2nd break on Monday’s and  Friday’s. Students are invited to join us for a little extra help, a quiet space to read, time to work on projects with classmates, do some coding or to edit the video announcements. This club is open to all students from grades 4 to 8. We are looking forward to students joining us next Monday and Friday during the second break. See you next week!

  • School Council: Our next School Council meeting is on Monday, December  10th at 7:00 pm in the Library. All are welcome!

  •  Coats for Kids:  Thank you for sending in your gently used coats, boots, and other warm attire.  Our bin is overflowing with wonderful donations. Thank you for your kindness and support.  
  •  Volleyball News:  Congratulations to the boys and girls volleyball teams for their dedication and hard work.  The girls and boys teams showed leadership on and off the court and once again showed their tremendous skills. Both teams played well and worked hard at delivering amazing serves, digs, hits, and blocks! The games were extremely competitive from the first serve to the last but unfortunately, neither team ended up on top. Congratulations to all the boys and girls who participated on the volleyball team this year.   You should all be very proud of yourselves! Thank you to all the parents and students who supported us this season and all of the linesman and scorekeepers as well. A special thank you to the staff who supported these teams and providing them with an opportunity outside of the classroom. You all contributed to our wonderful success.
  •  Calling all three-year-olds! Families are invited to attend a Kindergarten Open House to help make this first school experience a happy one. Drop by P.L. Robertson PS (840 Scott Blvd., Milton) on Thursday, Nov. 15 anytime between 6:30 - 7:30 p.m.  For additional Kindergarten Open House dates and to learn more about the Kindergarten program, please visit

Upcoming dates and events:

Nov 19 ~ Progress Reports go home

Nov 19th-23rd~Scholastic Book Fair

Nov 23 ~ PA Day - NO School

Nov 28~MDHS band to visit Brookville

Dec 7 Grade 7’s visit to the Career Centre

Dec 21 ~ Early Dismissal at 1:10 pm

Dec 24- Jan 4 ~ Winter Break

Brookville Buzz

Dear Parents and Guardians,

 We have had another great week at Brookville.  We are certainly a busy school with lots of great learning happening both in and outside of the classroom.  

  •  The We Team leaders are in full swing and their firstFood Drive campaign “We Scare Hunger” is off to a frighteningly good start.  The drive began on Monday, October 22nd and is ending on Friday, November 2nd.  Please send in your food drive donations next week to help.


  • Thanks to Mrs. Cook and Mrs. Reimer’s classes for the wonderful assembly we had on Thursday.  The message that the students gave us helps reinforce the importance of getting to know one another and valuing our differences.  For the duration of October, we will continue to reflect on sharing our lives and in November our focus will be on Peace.

  • We would like to thank Maddi U, Maya V, Sienna S and Madeline B, for creating a fantastic thank you video that was presented to Dufferin Aggregates.  This talented team captured our gratitude for the twenty-five armour stones that were donated to Brookville by Dufferin.

  • Thanks to Mrs. Giles for organizing the Big Crunch, that took place on Thursday.  It was lots of fun to end our assembly sharing the importance of healthy eating from our local farmers.  

  • We bundled up for yet another successful  “Walk and Talk” that was held on Wednesday.  We are looking forward to our next walk on Wednesday, October 31st.  It will be spooktacular!

  • Both of our girls and boys volleyball teams are continuing to build their skills and working together as a team.  Way to go Bengals! Thank you to the coaches, Mr. Periard, Mr. Perczyszyn, Madamme Curtis and Mrs. Lillycrop for supporting each of these teams.  

  • The Pumpkin Book Character Decorating contest was a huge success.  The students not only showcased their artistic talents but they shared their love of fictional characters.  Please check out our twitter feed for photos. Thanks to Mrs. Kennedy for supporting students as they displayed their creations which featured characters from their favourite books.    

  • The allies were out in full force this week teaching students new games and activities to play during the outdoor portion of our nutrition breaks.  They were also spotted helping solve outdoor concerns by using their peer mediation skills. Way to go Allies. Thanks to Mrs. O’Neill for supporting this team.  

  • Yesterday Mr. Periad and five students attended a conference hosted by OPHEA (Ontario Physical and Health Education Association) They are very excited to share their learning with staff and students.  

  • This is a reminder to please fill in and return your child(rens)  Jungle Sports permission form.  

  • The results for the 2018 Cross Country season are now official.  We want to thank the team again for their hard work & dedication to running.  Our junior team (Grades 3, 4 & 5) won the Amos participation award, having 73% of our student population participating.  Congrats to our junior students for showing such team spirit. Team ribbons were won by the following grades: Grade 6 boys were 5th, Grade 5 boys 6th, Grade 5 girls 6th, Grade 4 girls were 5th and finally, Grade 3 boys were 5th.  Thank you to the coaching staff, Mrs. Brox, Mrs. Kitching, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Cook and Mrs. Smart for supporting this team.

  • School of Rock is back!  We look forward to this talented group of students perform for us during this school year.  Thanks to Mr. St. Louis for running this club for us.

  • Students from Grades 4, 5 and 6 will have an opportunity next week to visit MADD’s Smartwheels classroom.  This fully decked out mobile RV allows groups of up to 30 students to participate in presentations which describe the effects of drugs and alcohol on developing brains and bodies.  Look for the MADD RV in the south end of the school’s parking lot on October 31st.

  • Did you know the Skipping club is up and running!  This team practices every Monday and are learning new tricks and routines.  Thanks to Mrs. Badgley and Mrs. Hasselfelt for supporting this group of students.   

  • Next week all of our students are invited to participate in a costume spirit day on Tuesday, October 30th.  We would like to remind students that costumes that mimic the traditional attire of an ethnic, religious, racial or gender group are not worn at school.  We are also requesting that students do not bring replicas of weapons. Costumes that are intended to, or have the impact of, inciting fear and anxiety, are also not appropriate within the school setting.

  • Thank you for not sending in candy to distribute to your child’s class or Halloween treats.   We have many students and staff with airborne allergies and dietary constraints. If you would like to send in something for each student we would suggest pencils, erasers, trinkets etc.  Thank you for helping us keep all our students and staff safe.

  • For students in grades 6-7-8 we will be holding our first school dance on Tuesday, October 30th from 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.  We are looking forward to the Monster Mash, Time Warp, and the Monster shuffle. We are asking each student to bring in a non-perishable food item to the dance.  

  • On Halloween (Oct. 31st),  students are invited to wearBlack & Orange if they wish.


 October 29th Volleyball boys home game

October 31 ~ Halloween (costumes optional)

October 31 ~ Black & Orange Day

October 31 ~ MADD RV (Grades 4, 5 and 6)

Nov 5 - 8 ~ Junglesport

November 11th~ Remembrance Day

Nov 19 ~ Progress Reports go home

Nov 23 ~ PA Day - NO School

Dec 7 Grade 7’s visit to the Career Centre

Dec 21 ~ Early Dismissal at 1:10 pm

Dec 24- Jan 4 ~ Winter Break


Have a great week!


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Technology Tip:

Are you aware of the latest trends being used to steal personal information online? To help ensure your data isn't being compromised, brush up on online safety tips by checking out the HDSB's Technology & You resources at (Search: Technology & You) or follow #TECHandU on Twitter.

Information Regarding Bus Cancellations and School Closures:

The decision to cancel buses and/or close schools before the start of a school day is made prior to 6:00 a.m. This information is then posted on and/or typically just after 6:00 am.  TV and radio stations are also informed by 6:30 a.m.  Please access the HDSB’s Inclement Weather Procedures for further information and details.  

Upcoming Events:

February 11th - School Council

February 12th - Author Visit Shane Peacock

February 14th - Badminton Tournament at Brookville

- Red and Pink Day

-FDK Lunch in Libary

February 15th - PA Day

February 18th - Family Day- No School

February 19th - Int. Girls & Boys Basketball vs Sam Sherratt

February 21st - Int. Girls & Boys Basketball @ Martin Street

February 25th - First Term Reports Go Home

February 26th - Ski Trip Gr. 7 and 8 -Hockley Valley

February 27th - Int. Girls & Boys Basketball @ Chris Hadfield

February 28th - Ski Trip Gr. 6 Chicopee

February 28th - Int. Girls & Boys Basketball vs Boyne

March 5th - Int. Girls & Boys Basketball @ Silver Creek

March 7th - Int. Girls & Boys Basketball vs MSB

March 8th - Pajama Day

March 11th - 15th - Spring Break

March 18th - First Day Back After Spring Break

Brookville Student Raises Awareness:

A Brookville student in Grade 5 has been actively promoting awareness of the impact development can have on local water resources.  Rand P. was featured in a recent article in The Tanner, has a YouTube Channel and has been invited to Queen’s Park for conversations around preserving our water resources.    one of the many exemplary examples of the great work that our students are doing at Brookville!

FDK Registration:

We are looking forward to welcoming all our new Kindergarten students who register!  Our school is a wonderful place to be each and every day! Our FDK team is looking forward to welcoming new friends to our school.   Registration forms are available at schools and on the HDSB website here. Please contact your home school to register your child by Feb. 1, 2019. Learn more on the kindergarten webpage.

Badminton Team:  

The badminton teams went to a tournament on Wednesday evening to McKenzie Smith Bennett Public School in Acton.  They had a lot of fun and represented Brookville with great Bengal spirit! A big thank you goes out to all participants and staff for supporting this team.  Also, thank you to our parents who helped with transporting the team.

Grade 6 Ski Trip:

Thank you to all the Grade 6 families for working with us when we canceled the ski trip to Chicopee on Thursday.  Since the temperatures were forecasted to hover below the -30-degree mark, we postponed the trip. Please mark your calendars as we have rescheduled the trip for Thursday, February 28th.  


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Upcoming Events:

February 1st - PA Day

February 7th - Ski Trip Gr. 6 Chicopee

February 11th - School Council

February 12th - Author Visit Shane Peacock

February 14th - Badminton Tournament at Brookville

February 14th - Red and Pink Day

February 15th - PA Day

February 18th - Family Day

February 19th - Int. Girls & Boys Basketball vs Sam Sherratt

February 21st - Int. Girls & Boys Basketball @ Martin Street

February 25th - First Term Reports Go Home

February 26th - Ski Trip Gr. 7 and 8

February 27th - Int. Girls & Boys Basketball @ Chris Hadfield

February 28th - Ski Trip Gr. 6 Chicopee

February 28th - Int. Girls & Boys Basketball vs Boyne

Brookville Spring Fair

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We have new games in kids alley, PONY RIDES, Silent Auction, Basket Raffle
and so much more.
We look forward to your and your family having a great time on Sat. May 25.
Our Skipping Club will entertain you at 10:00 a.m followed by our School Band
and School of Rock. Lots of good food to enjoy at the BBQ.

School Messenger

posted Aug 30, 2018, 4:55 AM by Margaret Napier

The Halton District School Board has transitioned to a new Student Absence Reporting system called SchoolMessenger. Families can register for SchoolMessenger through the SchoolMessenger website ( or the HDSB Mobile App (available for download on the App Store or Google Play). Forinformation on how to register for SchoolMessenger and how to report absences for your child, please visit the HDSB's website at and search "SchoolMessenger". 



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Pizza will be offered for sale on Mondays.  The last term, pizza will start on Monday April 1 and run for 10 weeks until Monday June 17..  Payment must be made on schoolcash by MARCH 19, 2019,

Parking Lot Reminders

posted Apr 28, 2016, 6:34 AM by Robert Periard   [ updated Sep 1, 2017, 7:14 AM by Bev Smith ]

Just a friendly reminder to our parents and caregivers that when dropping off or picking up your students before and after school, to please use the Kiss and Ride area only. With all of the buses arriving, it is too unsafe for students to walk across the parking lot. As well, this allows our buses to have easy access, so they can drop off our students safely. Thanks for your attention to this!

Attendance Line Reminders

posted Apr 28, 2016, 6:29 AM by Robert Periard   [ updated Sep 1, 2017, 7:14 AM by Bev Smith ]

Please call the school attendance line at 1-877-409-6310 or go to before 8:20 a.m. to inform the school that your child will be absent or late.  A note or call from the parent is necessary if the student must leave the school during the day.  Students arriving or leaving during the day must sign in or out at the proper time in the office.

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